Six Minute Sex Ed

The Six Minute Sex Ed Podcast helps people talk openly about sex, relationships, and growing up. Created by Kim Cavill, Sex Education Teacher. Level one episodes cover the basics, Level Two episodes are more complex.

Six Minute Sex Ed is the inclusive, informative, and sex positive sex education you always wanted.



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About Kim

Comprehensive sex education empowers families, improves communities, and changes lives.

Six Minute Sex Ed helps parents, caring adults, and teachers give young people shame-free, inclusive, and accurate health information when they need it, which is long before most schools offer sex education.

Featured in the Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald, The Journal Republican, Crooked Media’s With Friends Like These, The Birds and the Bees Podcast, The Fire and Water Podcast Network, Scott Ampersand’s Life is the Future, Mind Body Green, Hello Giggles, and many more.

I teach the sex ed classes you’ve always wanted.

What people say

“Tonight my sweet son asked us to call him Sally and wants to go to the store to buy a dress to wear (he said only at home, not at school). It is so beautiful to see him explore who he is – we listened to Can Boys Wear Dresses about five times. I just have so much love for your podcast and work. You help our family navigate these important questions my kids have, and also help me to be so open my son is comfortable sharing his feelings! My heart is so happy tonight!”

“Thank you for such an inclusive and comforting podcast about sexual health. I am eager to listen to these episodes with my kids, and love that they give an informative starting place for our conversations.”

“As a marriage and family therapist, I am going to recommend this podcast to all my clients as they struggle to find their voices in conversations with their kids about sex. Kim provides everything you need to know and also how to say it. I love her warm, clear delivery.”

“Tried listening to some of the “Level 1” episodes of this podcast (@MinuteEd) with my 4th grader yesterday. He loved it – even demanding that we stay in the car until the end – and it sparked some great conversations.”

“Simple, realistic ideas about how to have productive and open conversations about sex. Aimed at the family, not just the parents. We all need help with these incredibly awkward conversations!”

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