How to Please a Woman in Bed

How to Please a Woman in Bed – Advice for Better Sex

Learning how to please a woman in bed is very important sex skill. As a man, you should try to make her feel relaxed and pampered in bed. It may be difficult to understand what she desires, but it is important to learn what makes her happy. Women respond to positive reinforcement, so let her know you are interested in her feedback. In addition, you should learn how to use your hands in a way that makes her aroused and relaxed. Practice sex doesn’t have to end in climax; you can also include pre-foreplay in your sessions.

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A Guide to Please a Woman in Bed

Here are some effective methods you can try to satisfy your women in bed. Try these methods and she will thank you.


Despite the fact that foreplay doesn’t have to last for hours or even minutes, women love it when men take the time to do it before sex. Foreplay plays very important role in sex and it will help you to please your women easily. The perfect foreplay for a woman can be anything from slow, passionate kissing to massage and oral sex. Whenever possible, you should look into her eyes for 30 seconds and make her feel special. As long as you have some sort of foreplay before sex, you’ll be a great man to please a woman. During foreplay, you should always be patient and don’t rush things. As a man, it’s important to be a good lover.

Getting a woman to open up isn’t about having the strongest hands. The right touch will be the one that a woman needs to feel the most satisfied. By making her comfortable, you’ll be able to satisfy her in bed. It’s important to make her feel ecstatic. If she’s in a good mood, then you’ve done your job. If she’s not in a mood, she’ll be more inclined to give you a cold stare.

The best way to start your first encounter with a woman is to push her up against a wall and kiss her neck and lips. It’s important to make this gentle and slow. Remember not to rush the process. Your goal is to make her feel pampered, not stressed or anxious. She will be impressed by the attention you show and the fact that you are taking the time to learn how to please a woman in bed.

Touch her

Women are extremely sensitive and can’t stand a man who tries to touch her breasts or nipples. Also, you should talk to her first. Ask her about her hot spots. This will help you to know what she really likes. Then, try a variety of different touch-ups until you find what works.

You can learn which parts of her body she finds pleasurable and which areas are off limits. For instance, some women love men to pull their hair while others find this aggressive and painful. By knowing her preferences, you’ll be able to satisfy her in bed. By doing so, you’ll turn her on and make her happy. This will turn on a woman’s fantasies. It will turn her on and she’ll be happy.

Kiss her

A good woman’s lips have many erogenous zones, so don’t be afraid to explore those zones. By doing this, you’ll turn her on and make her want you more. There’s nothing like a passionate lover. A passionate kiss can make her feel good and you will be on your way to pleasing a woman for life! But there’s more to it than just a kiss.

Arousing her

Arousing her

In order to please a woman, a man must pay special attention to her body during sexual intercourse. While the key element of satisfying a woman in bed is to make her feel comfortable, a woman must feel comfortable in her relationship with him.

Besides being attentive, it’s essential to be gentle, tolerant and honest. A woman needs to feel secure and comfortable with a man. You can do this by following the right guidelines in sexual arousal. The first step is to be gentle and sensitive. She will feel more relaxed and satisfied when you are sensitive and understanding.

Dirty Talk and Dance

If you’d like to give your partner some excitement before bed, try dirty dancing. This is the perfect way to make her feel sexy. It will help to make her feel pampered and excited. It will also make her more interested in you. While you’re at it, try whispering in her ear some seductive words. Tell her about your own fantasies and how you’ll meet them. She will be delighted to hear such things.

Use your Hand and Fingers

Touch her private parts with your hand and play with them. Use your fingers to touch her breast and vagina. Here is detailed guide on how to pleasure a woman with your fingers and hands.

Play with her Vagina

Last but not least, kiss her vagina. A woman’s vagina is a delicate organ, and a man’s touch must not be too harsh for her to feel comfortable. This will explode her. Slowly kiss her vagina with your lips and tongue and feel it.

Try Different Positions with Sex

If you’re trying to please a woman in bed, then the best way to get started is to learn about the different sexual positions that a woman enjoys. The first and easiest sex position is the one where you catch her off guard. After you’ve suckered her toes, move on to the next position. You can even try a new sexual position. Then you can start to experiment with your partner’s preferences.

Once she feels secure and trusting, the next step is to focus on her needs. While it’s important to satisfy a woman’s desires, it is also important to remember that the way she experiences sex is her own. She needs to feel comfortable and trust a man, so a man must make her feel comfortable. While women love being touched, they need to feel loved. If she feels comfortable and confident, she will feel happy and satisfied.

Above we shared all methods or you can say process of pleasing your women in bed. We will share each method in detail.

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